Month: December 2018

8 Ways To Make Your Home Kid Friendly

If you have kids at home then you are definitely wondering how to make your home kids friendly. I found toy reviews here and learned ways to make my home kid-friendly.

Use anti-skid tiles

Children run around the house which increases their chances of slipping and injuring themselves. It is advised using the anti-skid tiles in your homes so that your child does not slip and hurt himself.


You may not be looking around and your child may be quietly playing with the switches. Make sure that you install shockproof switches or cover them up so that your child does not go after it.

Low height basins

Let your child be independent when you install the low height washbasins in your house. Youcouldalsoinvestin the adjustable sinks.


Whenyouinstallthe fittings at home make sure that they are the size of your child. Also if you have been working on a shelf or cabinet for your child then make sure that the height is such that your child is able to reach it easily.

Rounded corners

Your house should not have sharp edges because it could hurt the child. Instead look to buy furniture with round corners.

Non-toxic paint

Always ensure that the paint used in your house is nontoxic

Visually appealing

Your house, especially your kid’s rooms should be pretty and visually appealing to the child. You could choose some theme that your child likes, to decorate his room.

Low beds

To make your child independent and also to make your home child-friendly choose your child’s furniture such that he is able to use it independently. It should be safe and made using high-quality wood and at the same time, it should be custom made for the needs of your child.

Follow these tips to have a child-friendly home.

7 Sneaky Ways To Get More Bedroom Storage

It is not unusual to see clothes strewn around the room and books lying around in the bedrooms due to lack of storage space. Clothes worn once cannot be put back inside the limited storage with clean clothes. And then there are more things- shoes, accessories and bags and so many other things jostle for space with each other. Here are some smart ways to get more space for more stuff and an organized tidy look.

  1. Build-in closet is a good solution for storage space. Even if you have less space, you can have a couple of cabinets or more wherever space permits. You can designate each cabinet with a particular item like for shoes, worn clothes, and clean clothes and so on.
  2. There is a website that sells amazing replicas of designer handbags of the renowned brands. Buy some from LuxTime, at reasonable prices. You can hang these bags together in one place and use them to keep different types of accessories like one bag for earrings, one for documents etc.
  3. Use a tote bag or basket as a laundry basket, instead of throwing the clothes in one corner.
  4. Use the space around your dresser. If it is too narrow, add some cabinets and shelves. You can keep some things there.
  5. Choose a bedside table with storage. You can keep some of the knickknacks there.
  6. Use the space under the bed. Use a sliding storage unit that can be used in multiple ways. It can keep the clothes that you don’t use, shoes and extra linen.
  7. Keep some baskets and bins in the room, which will provide a beautiful look to the room and help to store the extra stuff.

With some creative imagination, you can keep everything in a proper place and make the room look tidy and organized.…

Here’s How to Save Money Around Your Home

Use the below tips to save money on running your home:

Cut on eating out:  Reduce the number of times you have food outside.  This will result in considerable savings.  Eating frequently in costly restaurants or ordering food from vendors often hikes the home expenses beyond budget.

Switch off lights:  Make it a point to switch off fans, lights, heaters, air conditioners etc. when not in use.  Leaving them on when not required will result in a huge electricity bill.  Saving power bill is the easiest way of saving money.

Inventory data:  Maintain the list of expiry dates of inventories and store them in an organized manner.  This will ensure that you use of all the inventory before expiry date so that wastages are reduced.

Use offers:  There are a lot of useful sites like couponobox which offer promo codes for your purchases.  Subscribe to your regular stores for offer email intimations.  These will result in saving huge money on the monthly expenses.

Preserving food:  When you buy fruits and vegetables store them carefully to improve their shelf life.  Using tips like covering with tissues will prevent rotting of greens.  Buy seasonal vegetables in bulk and process them by freezing or pickling.  You need not shell out more money for buying these during offseason.

Learn baking:  Learn baking.  You can cut extra spendings on biscuits, cakes, and bread.

Track expenses and analyze:  Account the expenses and find out reasons for excessive spending.  Any mistakes can be corrected in the next month.  Stick to your budget.

Combine your errands: Avoid going out multiple times for buying groceries, filling fuel etc.  Collect data of the cheapest and best vendors nearby so that you finish all work in one go and save fuel.

Alternatives for unhealthy and costly habits:  Cut aimless shopping.  Instead, you can have family time in a park or a small picnic with homemade packed food.

Upcycle dresses:  Instead of buying new dresses try to upcycle the existing ones by adding patches, mix and match techniques etc.…

10 Useful Laundry Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

Washing those clothes can be a daunting task, especially if you have kids running around. These kids seem to get just about everything on their clothes and not only ar eth stains difficult to get rid of, but that pile somehow never seems to get smaller.

Here are a few laundry tips to help you out:

  1. Sort

Always have your laundry sorted. Sort out bright colors from light colors, so that you don’t have to worry about some color running into your white shirt.

  1. Kids Separate

If you have small children, keep their laundry separate. They will have the most unimaginable things on their clothes and this can ruin your good clothes when washed together. A separate load for them will be easier.

  1. Laundry Day

Have a fixed laundry day, so that you will know when you will have your clothes laundered and can also set aside time from your daily chores.

  1. Morning Load

Load your washing machine the night before and switch it on first thing in the morning. The machine will wash while you get other work out of the way and will be ready to be dry when you are done with your work.

  1. Detergents

Do some research and buy good detergents. Sometimes you may have to use more than one variety. Check out NIDM for options.

  1. Liquid Soap

Liquid soap does not leave a residue like powders. When you are using dark colors or delicate clothes that can’t be washed too many times, liquid detergent is a good option.

  1. Delicates

Keep your delicates aside as you split your laundry. Running a separate cycle for delicates will make them last longer.

  1. Dryer

Use the dryer option in the machine to reduce your workload of putting wet clothes out to dry. If you want the freshness, you can still hang them out to dry but the time required will be lesser

  1. Folding

Pile up the washed clothes in one place and set some time aside to fold them. It will be easier to split them first based on whose is what and then start folding.

  1. Putting Away

Once they are folded, put them in respective rooms and put them away into the cupboards as and when you walk into that room to do something. This way you will save some time.…

Top Ten Healthy Herbs to Grow at Home

Imagine having healthy herbs in your garden that you can pluck and use in your cooking fresh, or dry them up and use later. Dry herbs are as much beneficial as fresh herbs; they can be used in various ways like cooking or using in dry herb vapes. No matter where you want to use these herbs, it is always handy to have these herbs in your garden; here is a list of herbs that you can grow at home.

1) Basil: A sweet herb with intense flavor is used in cooking as well as is known for various medicinal uses like insect repellent and anti-inflammatory.

2) Chives: An herb that can be used dried or fresh to add excellent flavor to soups and vegetables. Chives are high in sulfur and so are used as natural antibiotics.

3) Cilantro: Also known as coriander is very useful to control inflammation that can result in gastric issues. Coriander is useful in improving digestion.

4) Lavender: It a versatile herb that can be used in cooking, essential oils, and fragrances. It is also helpful to keep away mosquitoes and other insects.

5) Lemon Balm: This herb, known for its fresh citrus aroma, is often used for relieving muscle tension. It is also used in natural tea to improve mental clarity and alertness.

6) Oregano: It is one of the most popular herbs used in cooking. It is also known for treating skin conditions like fungal infections, and dandruff. It is also used in joint and muscle pains.

7) Peppermint: Well known for its strong fragrance, it is used as an insect repellent, which keeps many insects like spiders, rodent, and ants away. It is used in herbal teas to soothe a headache and sinus congestion.

8) Rosemary: Another favorite kitchen herb that is helpful in preventing bad breath, promotes hair growth when used in oils.

9) Sage: It well know to reverse grey hair when used in form of tea, it is also used to calm anxiety and other nervous disorders.

10) Thyme: Works well with other herbs like garlic, ginger to enhance the flavor of dishes. It also helps against cold, cough and sore throat.…