7 Helpful Tips for Washing your Car at Home

It is not rocket science to clean your car but it is very much important you clean the car in orderly and logical fashion if you wish to make the most out of your money and time. Before you begin the cleaning process, you could check the car if any repair needs to be done. If you can do the repair at home by yourself, then finish off the repair work and then begin the cleaning process. You can go through the adjustableclamp website to know about the hand tools to be used for the repair purpose.

Tips to follow

Hose it down- First thing you need to do is to hose the car with lots of cold water. It would loosen the dirt so that it would be easier to clean.

Clean the wheels- Spray the wheel using the wheel cleaner to remove the baked-on brake dust. Also, use a soft small bristled brush to clean the nook and corners of the wheel.

Shampoo the car- Start shampooing the car from the top and work your way down. Keep the sponge wet throughout. Also, use a separate sponge for the body as even a tiny price of grit can cause scratches in your car.

Dry the car- Dry the car carefully so that no streaks are left. You could use synthetic chamois cloth for the drying purpose.

Polish- You could either wax or polish the car or do both. The car polish is slightly abrasive and could be used only once or max twice a year.  But you can use the wax at least 3 to 4 times. Work methodically and ensure that you use one piece to apply and another one to wipe off.

Clean the glass- The glass should be cleaned from inside and outside using a thick cream or spray liquid.

Interior- You could use matt vinyl cleaner for interior plastics and use a vacuum cleaner to clean the upholstery and carpets.