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8 Ways To Make Your Home Kid Friendly

If you have kids at home then you are definitely wondering how to make your home kids friendly. I found toy reviews here and learned ways to make my home kid-friendly.

Use anti-skid tiles

Children run around the house which increases their chances of slipping and injuring themselves. It is advised using the anti-skid tiles in your homes so that your child does not slip and hurt himself.


You may not be looking around and your child may be quietly playing with the switches. Make sure that you install shockproof switches or cover them up so that your child does not go after it.

Low height basins

Let your child be independent when you install the low height washbasins in your house. Youcouldalsoinvestin the adjustable sinks.


Whenyouinstallthe fittings at home make sure that they are the size of your child. Also if you have been working on a shelf or cabinet for your child then make sure that the height is such that your child is able to reach it easily.

Rounded corners

Your house should not have sharp edges because it could hurt the child. Instead look to buy furniture with round corners.

Non-toxic paint

Always ensure that the paint used in your house is nontoxic

Visually appealing

Your house, especially your kid’s rooms should be pretty and visually appealing to the child. You could choose some theme that your child likes, to decorate his room.

Low beds

To make your child independent and also to make your home child-friendly choose your child’s furniture such that he is able to use it independently. It should be safe and made using high-quality wood and at the same time, it should be custom made for the needs of your child.

Follow these tips to have a child-friendly home.