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2200 Calorie Diet Plan For Men

A 2200 calorie diet plan will certainly initiate weight loss in men. In general, men would require consuming 2000 calories per day to maintain a healthy body weight. However, a man’s daily calorie requirement totally depends on the age, current body weight, the level of physical activity and how much he is aiming to lose. There are diet programs in the market that have tailored diet plans for men. These plans help men lose weight without sabotaging their health. Have a look at that talks about one of the popular commercial diet programs and compares it with the competitors.

According to the dietary guidelines of Americans, inactive men over the age of 60 should consume 2000 calories to maintain a healthy body weight. However, sedentary and moderately active men who are at 60 and below should be consuming 2200 calories per day to maintain a healthy body weight. Active men aging between 19 and 35 should need around 3000 calories to carry out the day to day activities. Therefore, most of the men who consume between 2000 and 2200 calories will be able to lose weight.

If a 2200 calorie diet is appropriate for you, you can make use of a meal plan that lets you stay within the calorie limit. Here is the sample menu for a 2200 calorie diet plan for a day.

Breakfast: Quarter cup of cold cereal, bran flakes, one cup of low fat milk, coffee and one medium banana

Morning snack: A medium skinned apple, 6 ounce each of low fat yoghurt and fruit

Lunch: A slice of whole wheat bread, a medium size apple, cheddar cheese, Mayo, Turkey breast

Evening snack:  Jelly of any fruit flavor, bread slice and peanut butter

Dinner: A cup of brown rice cooked, 4 ounces of white meat or chicken breast, plain croutons and one small cup of salad.…