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10 Useful Laundry Tips That Will Make Your Life Easier

Washing those clothes can be a daunting task, especially if you have kids running around. These kids seem to get just about everything on their clothes and not only ar eth stains difficult to get rid of, but that pile somehow never seems to get smaller.

Here are a few laundry tips to help you out:

  1. Sort

Always have your laundry sorted. Sort out bright colors from light colors, so that you don’t have to worry about some color running into your white shirt.

  1. Kids Separate

If you have small children, keep their laundry separate. They will have the most unimaginable things on their clothes and this can ruin your good clothes when washed together. A separate load for them will be easier.

  1. Laundry Day

Have a fixed laundry day, so that you will know when you will have your clothes laundered and can also set aside time from your daily chores.

  1. Morning Load

Load your washing machine the night before and switch it on first thing in the morning. The machine will wash while you get other work out of the way and will be ready to be dry when you are done with your work.

  1. Detergents

Do some research and buy good detergents. Sometimes you may have to use more than one variety. Check out NIDM for options.

  1. Liquid Soap

Liquid soap does not leave a residue like powders. When you are using dark colors or delicate clothes that can’t be washed too many times, liquid detergent is a good option.

  1. Delicates

Keep your delicates aside as you split your laundry. Running a separate cycle for delicates will make them last longer.

  1. Dryer

Use the dryer option in the machine to reduce your workload of putting wet clothes out to dry. If you want the freshness, you can still hang them out to dry but the time required will be lesser

  1. Folding

Pile up the washed clothes in one place and set some time aside to fold them. It will be easier to split them first based on whose is what and then start folding.

  1. Putting Away

Once they are folded, put them in respective rooms and put them away into the cupboards as and when you walk into that room to do something. This way you will save some time.…