How To Improve Indoor Air Quality and Reduce Air Pollution

The Air inside the room seems to be more polluted than the air outside as the room is filled with dust particles and other impurities.  So it is always better to ensure a clean and fresh air inside the room to make you stay fit and healthy.  Some pollutants inside the room which is used to clean the dust particles and impurities in the air may cause air pollution.  These pollutants may cause irritation in the nose, eye, and mouth if it is not covered properly while cleaning.  To get more information just click to improve your air quality.

Simple steps to improve Indoor Air quality and to reduce Air pollution:

  • Keep the floors fresh always by cleaning regularly using the mop.
  • Avoid smoking inside the room since it may result in air pollution and cause serious damages to your lungs.
  • Always ensure there is an adequate provision of gas stove ventilation. This will help to remove the smoke and fumes caused while cooking.
  • If possible, try to remove the carpets inside the room, since in the carpets, dust particles get to settle down frequently and make you feel uncomfortable.
  • Use Air conditioner inside the room to ensure the air being recycled to get a fresh air. If using an air conditioner, regularly clean the filters in them to avoid the impurities get settling down.
  • Always cover the garbage in the trash which helps to reduce the small insects and pest surrounding them and creating trouble.
  • Try to avoid shoes inside the room so that it helps to reduce the bad smell inside the room.
  • If the exhaust fans are used, check and clean it regularly to ensure the air is circulated well. It helps to remove the air inside the kitchen and toilet to get the fresh air as soon as possible.
  • The beds are removed and dried under the hot Sun to rove any pest and insects sticking on it. These bed bugs may harm your body and becomes unsafe for the children too.
  • Always ensure regular cleaning using a vacuum cleaner, if possible.
  • Use of scented candles and aroma bottles inside the room will make you feel fresh and comfortable.