Top Ten Healthy Herbs to Grow at Home

Imagine having healthy herbs in your garden that you can pluck and use in your cooking fresh, or dry them up and use later. Dry herbs are as much beneficial as fresh herbs; they can be used in various ways like cooking or using in dry herb vapes. No matter where you want to use these herbs, it is always handy to have these herbs in your garden; here is a list of herbs that you can grow at home.

1) Basil: A sweet herb with intense flavor is used in cooking as well as is known for various medicinal uses like insect repellent and anti-inflammatory.

2) Chives: An herb that can be used dried or fresh to add excellent flavor to soups and vegetables. Chives are high in sulfur and so are used as natural antibiotics.

3) Cilantro: Also known as coriander is very useful to control inflammation that can result in gastric issues. Coriander is useful in improving digestion.

4) Lavender: It a versatile herb that can be used in cooking, essential oils, and fragrances. It is also helpful to keep away mosquitoes and other insects.

5) Lemon Balm: This herb, known for its fresh citrus aroma, is often used for relieving muscle tension. It is also used in natural tea to improve mental clarity and alertness.

6) Oregano: It is one of the most popular herbs used in cooking. It is also known for treating skin conditions like fungal infections, and dandruff. It is also used in joint and muscle pains.

7) Peppermint: Well known for its strong fragrance, it is used as an insect repellent, which keeps many insects like spiders, rodent, and ants away. It is used in herbal teas to soothe a headache and sinus congestion.

8) Rosemary: Another favorite kitchen herb that is helpful in preventing bad breath, promotes hair growth when used in oils.

9) Sage: It well know to reverse grey hair when used in form of tea, it is also used to calm anxiety and other nervous disorders.

10) Thyme: Works well with other herbs like garlic, ginger to enhance the flavor of dishes. It also helps against cold, cough and sore throat.